The Himalayas

I’m peculiar and peerless. Whenever I have such perceptions full of snobbism and I found myself being caught under the robust grip of haughtiness, I plan for a jaunt to the Himalayas. For others, it might only be the arcuate-shaped rock structures that extend through the international borders of five South Asian Countries but for me, It is my conceit destroyer that at each moment of time galvanizes me. These water towers of the world even after attaining such great heights don’t have vanity and peacockery. Their affable nature and inalienable beauty guide me to give up whatever the vainglory I have had in me even after being such a small creature before such a huge, grandiose and prosperous Himalayan entity. The Himalayas are the fantastical sprouts of spirituality. Whenever I approach it as a one-sided lover, it accolades me twice in return. Thus, It teaches me the real essence of Humanity that if one approaches you and asks for your assistance, You just shouldn’t let him/her down and you should inevitably help him/her by whatever means that is available to you. It is the place indeed where my spiritual thirst often gets quenched. It is the place where my delve for the ultime one gets terminated as it provides me with the much-needed environment that establishes my strong conversation with him. It is the place where for the first time I got acquainted with the concept of Spiritualistic Success, not Materialistic Success. The Himalayas have provided me with cryptic lessons of recognising the pure potential inherent in me.

Their distinct topographic features, undulating terrains, intermontane valleys, perennial streams, cultural syncretization, forestry complex, fascinating tourist spots, strategic locations and most importantly their global consideration as “The Spiritual Capital of the World” far from the beginning of my life have always pulled me both mentally and physically. The Himalayas have interacted with me as a human physique whose body from shin to chin or from toe to tongue possess distinct topographic features of specific characteristics. First of all, I encountered Terai and conceived it as the Himalayan ankle. Then, met with Bhabhar, Dwars/Duars, Doons, Karewas and ultimately with the Meadows which is the shoulder of the Himalayas. The lofty mountain peaks are the gem and head of young Himalayas. Such an incredible configuration of the Himalayan physique is not only acquainted with the sculptural concept but incorporates the architectural elements in it because the subtle and nuance measurement of slopes and inclination is totally absent in sculptures.

The Himalayas are one of the newly folded mountain ranges of the world that traverses even to the heights of more than 8kms. and whose origin is traced long back to the Miocene period? When for the first time I met with it, it had an abstruse appearance for me but soon it converted into a quotidian interaction and now we communicate with each other. The Himalayas teach us to be humble, generous and remain original even though we are at the culmination of our life and even if we have a complete realization of our worthy goals periodically. This nature of the Himalayas still fascinates lakhs of a hermit to imbibe such feelings in themselves and to become more gracious and decorous through the incessant Hatha Yoga practices and meditation. Himalayas teach us the real essence of life and moral values. They are the source of ethics and morality. Those who want to become generous, genuine and more original throughout their life may take shield under this huge mountain system. I guarantee, they’ll never let you down.






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