How Batman & Superman Have Shaped Our Perspectives Since Childhood

Whenever we come across the term “superheroes” the first couple of names that come to our minds has to do something or the other with Superman and/or Batman. Some of you might disagree and suggest other names, but the effect this duo have had on us is beyond comparison.

Batman: The caped crusader

Patrolling the alleys of Gotham, fighting daunting rogues and serving justice to all tells more about humanity than the eyes can see. A child who lost his parents to crime at a young age, dawns the cowl of a vigilante to make sure no one else suffers the same ill fate. Even though Batman has no superhuman abilities, his greatest power is his will and his wits. This is a nod to the power of both the human spirit and human brain, no wonder Batman tops the list of superheroes of all time.

Superman: The man of steel

Through his arc of becoming a part of Earth due to the extinction of his race, exemplifies the true virtues of humanity more than humans themselves. Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, the creators of the character were survivors of the Holocaust and brought their idea of a messiah to life through Superman. That’s what he has been a symbol of: Hope. The fact that the strongest man considers himself equal to average humans, teaches a lesson on Self Governance, a virtue we need to understand better.

Their Resonance

It is no coincidence that the values we seek the moment we want someone to lead the path for us resemble the ones either of the two possess. One may be called night while the other day, like two sides of the same coin, the coin of humanity.

It’s not the brute force or the limitless assets which stay stuck in our heads; its how we look up to the supernatural and feel awestruck, knowing our limits yet laughing it off. That is the irony of these ideals and that’s what makes the unreal surreal.






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