The Most Disliked Country of 2020?

The People’s Republic of China, the most populous country in the world, and also the initial COVID-19 epicenter, is on the entire world’s radar right now. A survey that was run by the US-based Pew Research Centre, identified significantly escalated detest in adults’ opinions of China. Dispersed across 14 countries, these adults and several others, hold China responsible for damage at the international level, caused by their apparent tomfoolery and destructive approach. Some of the reasons why China is disliked across the world, are stated below.

The COVID-19 Outbreak

One of the worst outbreaks history has ever seen, continues to stop the world dead in its tracks. With a new coronavirus variant setting foot in the United Kingdom, the possibility of a COVID-19-liberated world as of yet, is slim.

The severity of this pandemic is evident by the deaths it has caused ; A number which has risen to an estimate of 1.72 million.

However, China, the epicenter, not only failed to perceive the gravity of the situation in its initial phase, they also concealed the numbers stating the extent of this outbreak, regardless of World Health Organization (WHO) declaring it an international emergency.

Among other things, they also refuted doctors’ claims on this disease, and negated human-to-human transmission. Their delayed response and laid-back attitude towards this, is what that led it to turn into a pandemic.

China’s relations with India and the USA


Owing to the provincial feud with China, India rings with yells of people, impassioned to call out the Chinese for their products. India’s ‘Boycott China’ campaign continues to flourish, with the government banning 59 Chinese and China-sponsored apps. People are also abandoning Chinese products, and promoting Swadeshi brands.

This ‘movement’ was triggered by a host of reasons, however, one of the major causes was the conflict that ensued between the two countries. China’s repetitive encroachment on our territories, and holding soldiers captive are among the few instances of Sino-Indian border conflict.

China also stands in solidarity with Pakistan, in their feat to occupy Kashmir. This is a deep-seated issue, that’s also peculiarly personal to Indians.

These reasons, among others, were enough to make China’s anti-Indian approach transparent to Indians.


China’s differences with the US, as claimed by experts, have hit the peak during this year.

Donald Trump, the President of the US, has unapologetically held China responsible for the all-consuming COVID-19 pandemic.

China’s reverse engineering by stealing intellectual property, and it’s unjust approach, according to the US, has affected the trade deficit between the two superpowers. This has exacerbated the already worsening Trade War.

Environmental and Human Rights Crisis

Environmental Crisis

China has been called out for environmental concerns by different authorities and leaders, at International level, several times. The environmental situation in China, and its detrimental effects are downright disconcerting. Rapid industrialization and unfriendly policies towards the nature, have led China to lead the world in mercury air pollution.

One of the major concerns, the Three Gorges Dam, has caused landslides, and is also accused of slowing down Earth’s rotation.

Human Rights

China’s judiciary system is immensely plagued, and inclined severely towards a couple of communist beliefs. Religious oppression, violation of reproductive rights and freedom of speech of the press, the spread of fake news by the government, and separatist movements, are illustrations of some of its faulty mechanisms.

However, having received criticism for its unethical approach towards various countries, its people, and the environment, China still continues to thrive unaccompanied.






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