Rishikesh: The land of recreation

I can echo the opinion of Jeff when he said that “I like the mountains because they make me feel small. “This doesn’t mean that they will demoralise you (As in case of humans) to the level utmost from where you start feeling hatred for your own existence rather they are the spiritual instruments indeed to measure the actual extent of snobbism and masterfulness inherent within us.

Is this true for such a small human entity to have such highest level of vainglory before the one who has created this entire system? Definitely, no then why do we have such arrogance even being acknowledged with the veracity that we are zero before the master of these system & whose tinge and nano-particles are much enough to devastate us? If I’m true and not exaggerating then from my point of view, Mountains too are the representative of the supreme creator on this earth surface as they themslves are also capable of creating their own ecosystems consisting of different flora & fauna and catastrophic events like earthquakes, landslides, avalanches and cloud bursts are their auto response to compensate in whatever the way their natural ecosystems are disturbed and devastated by the anthropogenic activities to attain the so-called developmental status.

Rather than a tourist spot, Rishikesh is conceit destroyer that at each moment of time nourishes each of us. You’ll surprised to know that annually me and my friends plan for jaunt to Rishikesh and it’s not for white-water rafting,camping, rock climbing, cliff jumping and kaykaing rather it is for our recreational activities. This janut is to reinvent ourselves and ultimately recognise potential inherent within us which we often become oblivion of, due to our long exposure with the materialistic society. Long mute talks with the flora and sometimes with the fauna give us the much needed mental tranquility. Rishikesh binds us to be remain in our limit and still to consider ourselves a very small entity before the ultimate. It teaches us the way to prostrate and thank the creator for giving such a struggling life. These fantastic sprouts of spirituality give us the much needed way to germinate and create our own path to success just as wet grams and lentils do even being caught under the critical circumstances of cloth cover.

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I request you all to please visit this capital of Rishikesh:-The spiritual capital of India,I promise it’ll never let you down.

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