Stories of People Striving to Make the World a Better Place

The Coronavirus outbreak has been a stumbling block for the entire world, and has spared no effort in engulfing it bit by bit, for the past twelve months. While we have started bouncing back, healthcare professionals continue to struggle for their lives amidst the disease-stricken, while incessantly striving to save others’ lives.

A new term ‘COVID Warriors’ has also been coined to pay tribute to the frontline workers, epidemiologists, and those who’ve risked their lives, only to guard others’.

We’re obliged to distance ourselves socially amidst this pandemic, and with this much negativity around, quarantining away from family can take a toll on our emotional health. In times like these, inspirational stories of common people, can help bring forth a positive outlook and can motivate people to help make a difference.

Here are two stories of these common, yet exceptional people, who’re carving a path of selflessness for people to follow.

The ‘Granny’ from ‘Veg Village Food’

Set up in 2014, the YouTube channel named ‘Veg Village Food’, came into existence with its first video, nearly three years ago. The channel, in its few initial videos, featured homemade recipes in village style, by an elderly woman from rural Punjab, fondly called ‘granny’. Soon after, along with their original home food recipes, the channel evolved to preparing children-friendly food, which is prepared by granny in bulk, for homeless children. From 1,000 Hotdogs to Donuts to Indian fritters, our granny can make it all.

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While our youth constantly struggles with procrastination, granny, despite age and infirmity, heartily continues to spread smiles.

The Rescuer

Jayesh Shah, a Mumbai-based business owner, with his newfound inclination towards lending a hand to the voiceless, i.e., the feral animals, endeavors to alleviate their sufferings, in his own unique ways.

While the lockdown was a frightening time for strays, Shah sheltered close to around 140 feral cats and stray dogs.

His ambition, that stemmed from his search for a stray pup that went missing, stays firm despite of all the outbreak adversities.

Apart from providing for the animals, he also operates a night ambulance, and ensures proper treatment for injured animals.

Stories of hope in these negative times are a necessity, and the kindness these people portray, deserves an applaud.

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