India’s First Glass Skywalk – A Path to ‘Peace and Tranquility’

Our literature has been besotted with the idea of skies, since time immemorial. A bewitching subject altogether, its essence has been linked with numerous facets of life.

Apart from the imagery used in haunting melodies to prompt a poetic emotion of serenity, the sky and clouds have also been associated with success, in idiomatic expressions and contemporary literature.

Taking into account people’s yearning for an adventure in the sky, a glass ‘skywalk’ was erected in Pelling, a pilgrimage destination located at the foothills of Mount Khangchendzonga, in Sikkim.

Strategically positioned at an elevation of 7,200 meters, it faces the world’s tallest statue, Chenrezig, that stands tall in its 137 feet high stature.

Chenrezig, “one who looks with unwavering eye”, is a chiseled embodiment of ‘The Buddha of Compassion’, which is known as the earthly incarnation of Lord Buddha.

The stairs that pave the way for this see-through bridge, have golden prayer wheels anchored on either side. This tends to display, a royal carriage-like effect to the otherwise bland stairs, and also adds to the pilgrim vibe of the site.

Encompassing the skywalk in a serene embrace, are ‘The Great Himalayas’, that in their robust frame, seem to stretch out perpetually before the visitors, who pluck up the courage to climb ‘her’.

The skywalk offers a panoramic view of the entire place, and let travelers catch a glimpse of the rivers, Teesta and Rangit, whose waves rush in silver lines in the glimmering moonlight.

The longest and the highest cantilevered skywalk, is situated in China. Suspended at 430 meters above sea level, it stretches across two cliffs.

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The wide expanse of clouds, traversing the hills and a valley beneath, it is the one of the perfect getaways for thrill-seekers.

However, with the skywalk in Pelling now to our rescue, the need to fly abroad won’t arise.

Whether it’s someone who wants to escape the routine commotion of asphalt jungles, and retreat to nature, or a pilgrim wanting to latch on to Buddha’s prophesy in depth, or a just a curious traveler wanting to experience the magical adventure firsthand, this place offers it all!

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