The Best Alternative to Protect Our Mother Earth from ‘Plastic Monsters’?

Plastic has become a major part of our lives. From toothbrush to milk packets. Even we know that biodegradation of plastics takes about 500 to thousands of years, and many of its forms are also non-recyclable.

We are dumping unimaginable amounts of plastic waste into the oceans and other water bodies.

Aquatic animals eat this poison and die, or they get stuck in the plastic and die.

If we dump it under the ground, it will negatively impact our land. This will not only destroy our fertile land, but will also pollute groundwater.

If we burn it, it creates huge amounts of air pollutants which is not good for health. So now you see, plastic is not giving us any way. Therefore the best we can do is avoid its use and opt for eco-friendly alternatives to save our planet.

Bamboo as a solution

Bamboo will not wholly replace Plastic, But it can limit its usage to a great extent. Now, why is Bamboo better again?

It is better because it can fulfill the requirement of masses. It grows faster and can biodegrade in just a few months to years.

Let us see all the plastic Bamboo can replace-

Toothbrushes can be made by using Bamboo instead of Plastic. If you think that a toothbrush is too small an entity to make a difference, know that we are Producing approximately 28 billion Toothbrushes Worth Plastic in a year.

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We can replace all our pretty plastic bowls and plates with bamboo bowls and plates. Not only are they a healthier option to eat in, but also they are good for our environment. 

Why only bowls? We can also replace plates and containers. Disposables are also made out of Bamboo these days.

We can use bamboo straws instead of billions of plastic straws we create.

We can use bamboo bottles instead of plastic bottles.

Moreover, these are not the only things which are made out of Bamboo. In about everything we need, we should first check that there is any bamboo alternative for it.

Some other things Bamboo can replace

Other than Plastic, we are also overusing Wood. With millions of acres of forests being destroyed, In the name of Wood’s requirement, the amount and quality of oxygen that we need for our lives is reducing. It is also causing some serious problems like global warming.

Brain Fizzing Information about Bamboo: It is the fastest growing plant. It can grow 3 feet in a single day and can be harvested in 1 to 5 years. It also produces 35% more oxygen, unlike the other wood-giving trees.

And all the things made out of Wood can also be made out of Bamboo like paper, furniture, tissue paper, flooring, building material, charcoal, clothes, and whatnot!

Is there any disadvantage?

Due to Bamboo itself, no. Like there are not many things out there for which you can say this, right? 

The usage of Bamboo has only one shortcoming that the things made out of Bamboo are more expensive than Plastic and their wood alternatives. But this can be easily overcome if we start mass production of Bamboo, and it is a product.

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Things made out of Bamboo are much more durable, healthier, and obviously environment friendly than plastic. 

So what are you waiting for?
Switch to Bamboo.

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