What Caused a Potential ‘Civil War’ in the United States?

Ever since the 2020 US presidential election results were declared, an insecure Trump, who lost to President-elect Joe Biden by a significant margin, realized his power had begun to dwindle. 

Consequently, he threw his infamous tantrums, and got himself tangled up further in the fake narratives, he’d created throughout his term. 

Controversies’ favorite child, he faced opposition by numerous Americans, and the rest of the world alike, for his desperate attempts at reversing the results in his favor. 

He voiced his disagreement over the presidential results with a series of tweets, which eventually compelled Twitter to impose a ban on his verified account, with regard to policy violation. 

While a majority of people who’d been following the elections shrugged it off as yet another outrageous gimmick, some called him out on his erratic behavior. 

Although it’s highly unlikely for a president to act this way, his tomfoolery didn’t hint at the impending doom. 

US Capitol Hill Siege 

The Capitol Hill in Washington faced the wrath of an enraged pro-Trump mob, that barged into the building this Wednesday.

While many were seen belting out the slogan ‘Keep America Great’, their rendition of Trump’s old presidential campaign’s slogan, some, with their guns drawn, wreaked havoc on the building. While scared senators hid under desks and other desperate places initially, they were eventually evacuated from their chambers.

Events soon took a turn for the worse, as a woman was brutally shot dead in the protests, while three others succumbed to their injuries. 

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A lockdown has been imposed on the Capitol to stop the violence from escalating any further. 

Trump’s Involvement in the potential ‘Civil War’

The emergence of these riots is being linked to Trump’s wicked moves, that he’s been using to challenge the election results.

Trump, via his twitter handle, has blatantly questioned the authenticity of the 2020 elections several times. He’s made false claims, and refused to accept his defeat explicitly.

While he received extensive backlash for these tweets, he managed to gain sympathy of some of his supporters. 

However, the sympathy turned disruptive after his ‘Save America’ rally.

Among other anarchic statements, he misled people into believing the presidential elections were rigged, as he has himself claimed numerous times. He urged them to ‘be strong’, and referred to the election as ‘the election that was stolen from them’. He also asked people to ‘walk down to the Capitol, with him by their side, to cheer on the senators’. 

Soon after he addressed to his supporters, riots broke out, and pro-Trump republicans came out on the streets, in a bid to reverse the results, which were certified by Congress minutes before. 

Several world leaders have criticized Trump, and held him responsible for the events that ensued. Trump, however, has condemned the violence, and promised to ensure orderly transition of power, in a video message.

One of the worst security breaches the US has ever seen, it’s still debatable whether Trump’s statements triggered the violence.

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